2012 Retreats & Programs

Personally companioned retreats:

July 9th – 22nd, at “The Cliffs”, Shoreham, Victoria
October 14th – 21st, at “The Cliffs”, Shoreham, Victoria
November 4th – 18th, at “The Cliffs”, Shoreham, Victoria
December 2nd – 9th, at “The Cliffs”, Shoreham, Victoria

Guided Retreats offered at Retreat Venues:

“Leaving self Behind” – 6 day Guided Retreat

St. Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre, Douglas Park NSW, April 20th – 26th

“Journey Into the Heart” – 6 day Guided Retreat

Hartzer Park Retreat Centre, Bowral NSW. April 12th – 18th.

Other Programmes in 2012:

A Gathering of Men – Men’s Weekends

at the Inner Journey Centre, 86 Tom’s Creek Road, Ellenborough, NSW
facilitated by Chris Chaplin and Dave West
This is a gathering of men:
• who want to take time to be present to themselves.
• who want to explore their inner world
• who want to connect with the more of who they are.
• who have ‘sorry business’, hurts, to tend to.
• who want to be in life with all of who they are, mind and body, feelings and spirit.

Men’s Weekends at Ellenborough in 2012:
May Thursday 25 – Sunday 27.
August Thursday 24 – Sunday 26.
November Thursday 23 – Sunday 25.

30 day Personal Healing & Spiritual Renewal Program

March Thursday 1 – Friday 30, 2012 at Ellenborough, NSW
Facilitated by Chris Chaplin, Carol Dyer, and Wendy Bignell

This program was live-in. It is an intensive time of healing and growth, in a loving and supportive process that encourages participants to move through the issues that have blocked living their lives freely and with joy. One can do the month-long program, or one of the component phases.
Phase One: 12 days of Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counselling
Phase Two: 8 day Life’s Healing Journey Retreat
Phase Three: 8 day Contemplative Directed Retreat

Mindfulness and Meditation Seminars

Heart of Life Spirituality Centre: Thursdays Aug 9, 16, 23, 30, and Sept 6.

Professional & Personal Development for Spiritual Directors

June 25 – 29 from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm (except Monday begins at 10.30 am and Friday concludes at 12.30 pm)
Heart of Life Spirituality Centre. Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria
A five-day intensive for practising spiritual directors, focusing on Story telling and visual images in spiritual direction.
Facilitated by Peter Malone msc and Chris Chaplin msc

Facilitation MSC Adelaide Community

June 19 – 22, Middleton, South Australia.