MBTI & the Enneagram

Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram within a Developmental Understanding of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

A grace filled journey of hope
A grace filled journey of hope

At Enneagram introduction workshops participants are introduced to a methodology for understanding the human journey from compulsivity and sin, to pathways of freedom through our cooperation with Grace.  Click the PDF icons below for the Enneagram material presented during the first weekend workshops.

enneagram 1 intro, triads, numbers
compulsion to recreate & overcome child hurts
enneagram 2 types-passions, fixations
enneagram 3 arrows-virtues, holy ideas
enneagram 4 wings, outer & inner
enneagram 5 scriptural texts

Also recommended, the following article, for an understanding of the way in which the initial hurt of the child becomes fixed within the psyche;
compulsion to recreate & overcome childhood hurts

One followup weekend introduced the Jungian Functions of personality used in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and explored ways in which these functions might collaborate with the Enneagram system in our opening to work of Divine Grace in our lives.  Click the PDF icons below for the material presented at the second weekend workshops, exploring Grace and the call to Wholeness in the light of the Enneagram and Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

mbti 1 intro-functions-16types
Self verification Extraverts Introverts
Self verification Sensing Intuition
Self verification Thinking Feeling
Self verification Judging Perceiving
16 Types – Profile Keywords
16 Types – Brief Profiles
16 Types – Hagar Profiles
Expanded Profile ENFJ
Expanded Profile ENFP
Expanded Profile ENTJ
Expanded Profile ENTP
Expanded Profile ESFJ
Expanded Profile ESFP
Expanded Profile ESTJ
Expanded Profile ESTP
Expanded Profile INFJ
Expanded Profile INFP
Expanded Profile INTJ
Expanded Profile INTP
Expanded Profile ISFJ
Expanded Profile ISFP
Expanded Profile ISTJ
Expanded Profile ISTP

mbti 2 dom-aux-ter-inf