Saturday 9 February, 2013

Who is God?

Human images of God;
God’s personal self-revealing to us in prayer is filtered through our perceptive template. I image God to be who I want/need God to be.

Yet God is constantly drawing us to who God is beyond of our projections.

What happens to “the Promise”, when God and our way to God, our prayer, is narrowed down to formulas, and sanctioned methods?
Who are we to say a certain experience is wrong or right?
Who are we to discard pathways to God because they fail to conform to official versions (personal, formation, church authorization)?
When God comes isn’t it a surprise, speaking to us despite our practice-forms and methodologies?
Human control over the ways of God is a perennial arrogance of humanity. We have only to take a look at salvation history.

This video clip re vocational choices. “if you took money out of the equation what would you want to do with your life?”  “What do I desire?”  makes me ask the question in the context of spirituality, “if you took the demands of living out of your prayer, what kind of God would you want to know and what kind of relationship would you want with the Divine?”