Fanaticism – why pick on Islam?

I received an email recently entitled, “A German’s View on Islam”, and was about to send it off to others, because what it says about fanaticism and the silent majority seemed

The people don't know their true power
The people don’t know their true power

poignant at this time.

But two things caused me to question its integrity; firstly, the original article has been hijacked, reworked to single out Islam (see; ), and emailed round the world by the very same silent, unquestioning majority, that it criticises, and lays a guilt-trip on for being silent. How easily manipulated we are. Secondly, the sticking issue with the article is, why pick on Islam?

Among the fanatical movements in the world today is the far right in both the United States and here in Australia. Consider that silent majority has allowed the U.S. backed by Australia among other countries, to wage war, destroy countries, kill women and children with so called sophisticated technology (drones), all in the name of advancing western interests and furthering new colonialist aspirations under the banner of democracy.

Behind that banner is actually the usual wealthy few who wish to advance western-styled democracy because it is actually capitalism in disguise – and the rich get richer and the poor continue to be slaves to the rich, subdued into mindless subservience – saying “yes master” so long as we’ve got TV and a choice of unhealthy fast foods in our supermarket chest freezers – is this really democratic freedom?

Are we that different?
Are we that different?

Yes, Islamic fanaticism is to be shunned, but let’s not fall into the stupor where we point out at “the enemy”” while all the time harbouring our own brands of fanaticism as benign. Fanaticism in all its forms, individual and collective, church and religious fanaticism, political fanaticism, western capitalism and neo-liberalism, Islamism, communism, gay fanaticism, fanaticism in parenting, needs to be brought into light and challenged with a gospel of love, tolerance, freedom, and an option for the poor.

It pays to be always examining the motivations of those who have power. May our children be encouraged to question and enquire, especially power, rather than be contained or stifled, told “just do what your told, your elders know what’s best for you”. We see this in policies of successive Australian governments to our rich indigenous heritage – we know what’s best for you! That kind of paternalism is the cradle of fanaticism.

The orginal email, “A German’s View on Islam” can be viewed at;